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Monday, November 22, 2010

If you are a star wars fan you have probably checked out this website before. But if you havn't, they have alot of cool things to do on there. Here are some of the things to do on there:
  1. Check out some of the cool videos; they have everything from old commerciels to star wars weekends
  2. Check out the store with everything from Taun Taun sleeping bags to space slug oven mitts.
  3. See the latest information on everything from clone wars to fan gatherings and the latest events.
  4. See the star wars vault to find out collecting information.
  5. Play star wars games and download backgrounds and more.
  6. Theres a whole bunch more to do so CHECK IT OUT!

Monday, November 15, 2010


The wampa is one of my favorite monsters from the star wars series! Shown in Empire Strikes Back, the Wampa was the furry white beast that took a injured Luke to his ice cave for a snack for himself. Luke used the force though to grab is lightsaber and slay the mighty beasts' legs and arms off so he could escape. The vintage Wampa figure was produced in 1982 (although its foot says 1981) for the price of $8.99. This figure came with no accessories and was originally just called the Wampa but its name was later changed to Hoth Wampa. To see more information, please check out the amazingly helpful vintage figure archive.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Yak Face

Another of my favorite figures is the canadian released yak face. A rare figure indeed the yak faces weapon was actually a skiff guard weapon. The packaging was in canadian form in the tri logo series and in Europe it was on the power of the force card. The figure was never sold in the US. There are no variations except for a product error in weapons. Yak faces are a pretty rare figure but you can find quite a good amount on ebay so look carefully.
Once again, please check out for a full data base in archiving collectables.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Star Wars stores in the Seattle Area

If you are ever in Lynnwood, Washington you need to come check out this store. Although it is small, they carry alot of star wars stuff and most of it is extremely cheap. We are talking $100 Amanamans in original packaging! They also carry alot of micromachines like the playsets for $5 each!! Some other good stores in the Seattle area is a store called Bobakhan. This weekend they had a big halloween party where some actual stormtroopers from episode 3 came in costume to patrol the store. They also have alot of star wars, espesially newer ones for very cheap. They have most of there star wars stuff not displayed so ask and they have just about anything for sale including $2 vintage figures. Also Amazing Heroes Toys in Kirkland has a ton of newer star wars including some old. Although it is quite expensive the store is well organized. So if you happen to be visiting in Washington or live in Washington you need to check out these stores. Here are some links to see the actual store websites: