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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Greedo; the figure of the month

This is going to be a new segment called the figure of the month. So December's figure of the month is Greedo; one of my favorite figures. The vintage Greedo is a uniquely sculpted green. I have provided a picture of the one from my collection from 1978. Greedo from the movie is one of the best creatures in the cantina because he is one of the best bounty hunters. Newer Greedo's have been released but my still personal fave is the vintage line Greedo. Here are some pics.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Star Wars Christmas Idea's

I know this isn't vintage star wars but these are some cool things on and some great idea's for the holiday gift giving scene.
First off we have the taun taun sleeping bag for 99.00 so your little one can be a Luke this Christmas.

Second is the space slug oven mitt for the chef in your house. "Come to the Dark Side, we Have Cookies."

Third is the Jawa garden gnome, an exclusive to for 34.00 for the gardener in your family.

Fourth is the Yoda Ears Retro Cap for 24.00 so you can have the coolest hat in town.

Last is the 54.00 Darth Vader Toaster Oven that prints a picture of Darth Vader on your toast.

Merry Christmas.
May the Holiday's be with you!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Star Wars Christmas

As 2010's Christmas approches, I can't wait to see what vintage star wars goodies lie under the tree. In popular demand this year is the newer Target At At. With a speeder bike and At At driver, there are so many features that it will never get old. You can get your self or others this Christmas an At At for around $100. Whats really neat though is commemerating Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversity is a limited edition Toys Are Us At At with a vintage box that looks like the one from the original At At back in 1980 when the ESB first came out. Other top holiday star wars goodies is the Sounds of Star Wars book. For around $40 to $60 you can get a book a whole bunch of sounds from Star Wars. From Luke getting his lightsaber to the original Wookie roar this book is a must on my list. It also includes how each sound was made. Hopefully this holiday season give you or someone you know a Star Wars Christmas whether it be vintage or new. Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gentle Giant Vintage Figures

Gentle Giant has just released these cool statues available for pre-order! They have enlarged a series of the best vintage figure over 4 times their size using a special scanning process. These figures are available for pre-order at and from Gentle Giant's website for about $75 to $100. Although they are pricey I think they are pretty cool and will be readily available in April of 2011. Check out this video of how they desined them!