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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Star Wars Christmas

As 2010's Christmas approches, I can't wait to see what vintage star wars goodies lie under the tree. In popular demand this year is the newer Target At At. With a speeder bike and At At driver, there are so many features that it will never get old. You can get your self or others this Christmas an At At for around $100. Whats really neat though is commemerating Empire Strikes Back 30th anniversity is a limited edition Toys Are Us At At with a vintage box that looks like the one from the original At At back in 1980 when the ESB first came out. Other top holiday star wars goodies is the Sounds of Star Wars book. For around $40 to $60 you can get a book a whole bunch of sounds from Star Wars. From Luke getting his lightsaber to the original Wookie roar this book is a must on my list. It also includes how each sound was made. Hopefully this holiday season give you or someone you know a Star Wars Christmas whether it be vintage or new. Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hi! I am a star wars fan from the cold frozen country of Sweden.
    I found your link at the other star wars blog, at star
    Please continue with this! I will link this website on my computer and read it! just so you know!
    And, as we say in Sweden, god jul! (merry christmas)
    /Benne, xbox live gamertag: Little Hiawata.