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Saturday, January 1, 2011

After Christmas

Sadly, Christmas is over but on the bright side a new year has come. 2010 sure wen't quick! Hopefully for Christmas you got some star wars stuff. I got some micromachines from the 1995 era and I got some of the new vintage figures from Toys R Us. I also got the new AT AT for my collection which was a big want for many people this Christmas. Although I didn't get any vintage star wars stuff except for an original Darth Vader Tie Fighter (C-8 condition!), I am hoping to go down to some of the local stores and do some after christmas star wars shopping. Who knows, there might even be some deals! So hopefully people who read this blog had a good christmas. Please write some comments telling us what star wars stuff you got! Happy New Year!
Also check out for a looking back at 2010 article to see everything star wars that happened in 2010!

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  1. Hey Yoda! I just had 5 boxes of my old toys delivered (ok dumped) by my dear Mom. If amongst the Micronauts, GI joe, and Breyer horses, I find any Star Wars stuff--> you will be the first to know. I might ask you to help me price them... for a commission of course!