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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Condition of a figure

A star wars product or action figure can be worth alot of money. But it can be worth more money the nicer quality it is. Proffesionaly graded figures are given the symbol AFA and a number. The higher the number the higher the figures value. An AFA 85 Darth Vader is going to be worth more then an AFA 60 for example. There is also the condition rating which can be done by anybody. It is almost impossible for a figure to be a C- 10 and C-9's are rare. The condition means how much visual ware and tear the figure is in. Also if the joints are loose or the bubble on the packaging is torn the condition will drop quickly. It is important to look up you condition of your star wars product to determine the value. Most of my figures are a C-7 and occaisionaly a C-8 which is average. If you want the top of the line quality then you should order by description and picture not by price.

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