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Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is a snaggletooth?

Funny question I know, but one of the biggest star wars action figure differences in the line and from the movie start here. Kenner produced a red snaggletooth back in 1977 that was sold in production lines but soon after, Palitoy, another company, produced a cantina set featuring a blue snaggletooth. This one was much taller with big feet. Realizing that this wasn't what George Lucas attended his charecter to look like, the product was soon taken off the shelf. So now if you happen to find a blue snaggletooth it can be worth up to $300!! But one more thing. Many people on popular sites like ebay post blue snaggletooths in original 1 figure packaging. These are totaly fake because the blue snaggletooths only appeared in the Palitoy cantina play set so therefor it is believed no 1 figure packaginghttpwere ever produced. Here I have posted a link of were some scammers buy their fake snaggletooth packaging and some more background information.

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