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Sunday, September 5, 2010

The original Luke Skywalker

The original Luke Skywalker was released in 1978, although it was produced in 1977. This figure was available to send away for in the early bird packages. The Luke did have a major variation diffrence. First off, the light saber was produced standard (could be pulled out once) and also double-telescoping (could be pulled out twice). The double telescoping is worth alot more money then the standard more common Luke and is highly sought out for by collecters. It was mainly produced in the early bird special package and it is rare seen in 12 backs (the first 12 star wars figures produced). The Luke also can be found with blond and brown hair. 2 variations of redish hair have been found also. Check out for more detailed information.

A Luke with light brown hair.

1 comment:

  1. Hello,
    i am trying to find out some information on one of my figures. I have a 12 back luke skywalker almost identical to your modle in Unopened very good condition _ i have not yet had its condition valued by AFA but i am sure it would be of a 85 or higher.
    My model dose not have the teloscoping Lightsaber but insted has a clear plastic blue lightsaber insted, but all other features are identical to the 12 back a new hope model's.
    have you ever heard of this or know if yourself or anyone would be intrested in an item such as this?