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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why Star Wars is so cool

I am sorry this entry is not about vintage star wars but I love the movie too! It's funny when some people become so fasinated in vintage star wars figures that they forget the movie. Well I realized that I was starting to become one of those people so I decided that every Sunday I will watch all the star wars movies in order. I think my favorite newer movie is definitly the third one (Revenge of the Sith) but i am a fan for the old ones even more. A New Hope is probably my favorite old star wars movie because they introduce so many characters. The real reason Star Wars got popular so quick is because it was so ahead of it's time. Back in the 70's, they didn't have green screens and fancy video equipment so they had to improvise. And that is where star wars succeeded. So why don't rent all your favorite star wars movies this weekend and have a star wars marathon of movie watching? Just don't forget about vintage star wars collecting.

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